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Installing a back boiler to open fire
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Installing a back boiler to open fire

Mareeposted on 13-09-06
I live in a old cottage, the open fire was re-designed by the previous owners after a chimney fire. Our hot water and central heating runs from an oil fired rayburn but is not very efficient in cold weather. We are looking to re-re-design the fire place, add a back boiler to it, witch would be linked to the hot water and central heating system.
Can anyone help with the different systems available, and where to source the information for it.
In advance, thank you.
Tonyposted on 13-09-06
How about a wood burning or multifuel stove ( with door(s)on it) which can also heat water?
Adrian Hollisterposted on 15-09-06

Personally I'd suggest a nice wood pellet stove - clean, efficient, and variable output.
Richard Scottposted on 01-11-06
You can't - legally, all new installations have to meet efficentcy standards, and a gas-fired back boiler can only be fitted in very exceptional conditons.
You'd be *much* better off siting a moden condensing boiler somewhere (flues can now be run anything up to 35m, typically, so an external wall is no longer needed), and fitting an inset fire (ILFE) into the builders opening.

I'm a british gas engeineer, and although you might find someone to do it, I very much doubt if it'll be legal, and will lead to all sorts of problems if/when you move house.
Eco-Timposted on 01-11-06
I have an economy 7 storage boiler running radiators and an open fire place with a large back boiler.
When the fire is lit a pipe mounted stat (on gravity feed pipe to bathroom towel rail )senses hot pipe : turns motorised valves from storage boiler to back boiler: turns on its own pump to circulate from back boiler.
No one has to remember to turn pump on so it cant over heat. Be careful if there is a power cut. I burn logs mostly for free , but have to burn some coal when supplies are low.In practice the economy 7 heats in the morning,on time clock,we light fire in evenings and more at weekends.
Nick Parsonsposted on 01-11-06

Pretty certain you don't mean a gas-fired back boiler, do you? I assumed you meant an old-style BB behind an open log fire. Efficiencies are pretty ghastly.

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