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Ceiling tiles: risk of containing asbestos?
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Ceiling tiles: risk of containing asbestos?

Tariq Abdullaposted on 03-03-06
My parents home was built sometime in the 1960's.

The living room and kitchen have square tiles stuck to the ceiling; about 35x35cm each.

My mum always assumed these were polystyrene: but they aren't. Where paint has flaked away in a small area, you can see the material is brown and furry, like plasterboard.

What are the chances that they are asbestos insulating boards?

If we redecorate the living room, I suppose we can paper over them?

Main issue being an old-fashioned light, screwed into the ceiling through one of them.

Before anybody touches that, I guess we really have to get the tiles properly tested, otherwise there's no way to be sure?
Tonyposted on 03-03-06
yes test them is the only way to be sure. Even if they do contain asbestos which is unlikely it even less likely to be the very dangerous blue asbestos. In service these tiles will be safe it is only when cutting drilling or removing that there is any possibility of a problem. The sound like some kind of cheap fibre board and not to wory about to me. Also you dont even need to paper them painting alone will be ok.
Fredposted on 04-03-06
Get an independent test if. The asbestos removal industry exhibits the all the ethical standards of a wheel clamper.

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