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Treatment for pine doors (internal)
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Treatment for pine doors (internal)

Jennieposted on 13-02-06
I feel like I ask so many questions that may potentially be obvious but I hate making mistakes so here goes. I would like to do something to make the internal doors in my house look better. They are solid pine and I keep toying with the idea of painting linseed oil on them but I'm not really sure whether this is the right thing to use. I want something which doesn't give off any nasty vapours and which is safe to use where kids play (obviously I'm not expecting them to eat the stuff). I have seen boiled linseed oil and raw linseed oil and I have noted that the boiled oil can spontaneously combust. I'm not overly keen on putting fires out so how likely is this to happen and what is the difference between the two. If I don't use linseed oil what should I use to protect the doors and give them some colour?
Tonyposted on 13-02-06
My favorite would be to wax them. You can buy wax in a tin from any good DIY shop or decorators merchant and some have slight stain / colour embodied in the wax. Apply with a soft cloth and buff up with a shoe type brush , easier if you get one to fit an electric drill. The name on the tin of my favorite begins with B and once done the finish will last for ages looks good and is low maintainance.

Linseed oil is best on oak and the spontaneous combustion is very rare and will only happen to a cloth or rag partly soaked in the oil and left. It is very difficult to make happen even if you are trying but it is a danger.
Matt Robinsonposted on 16-02-06
Use a good oil such as Biofa's universal hard oil - i used it, thought it was so good i now sell it for a living!
Grahamposted on 27-02-06
Danish Oil is another option. It's easy to apply, dries quickly and can be waxed to a fine finish. It's also easy to touch up. Rustins have a lot of information on their website.
Fredposted on 04-03-06
I hate painting so have faced the same question. I've not tried Linseed oil but did make the mistake of using Danish oil - smells revolting, like having rotting vegetation in the room. Tried waxing as well but the result is patchy if the wood is not of uniform smoothness. The best compromise used to date is Lemon Oil. It smells good and does not build up so looks very natural. It's based on lemon grass so perhaps eco-OK. Last time I bought some it was branded Chestnut Products and the retailer was Axminster. Was a few years back though. Ah, just checked online, and it's still available.
Jennieposted on 11-03-06
OSMO Polyx oil was the oil that I finally chose and I have to say it's very good. It has made the doors look fantastic and a small tin has done 4 doors (twice each) with enough left over to do another. I'd definitely use it again although the man in the shop did mention that OSMO products are shipped from Germany and as such are probably not so environmentally friendly.

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