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Colt bungalow
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Colt bungalow

Susanposted on 23-05-06
A Colt bungalow (timber frame with cedar cladding) has come up for sale locally. (Wales) It's 30 years old, and while it looks in good nick from the outside, inside hasn't had much done in that time. The double-glazing in the windows is very thin and I don't know what is in the walls. Owner is deceased so can't ask any questions. It has 5 bedrooms, so a lot of potential work upgrading heating, electrics, windows. Do you think this is a worthwhile project, or could I end up spending more money than it's worth.
Tonyposted on 23-05-06
Location location location.

How much is it worth now? The sad thing about the value of houses is that it seems to make almost no difference wether they are well insulated and have energy efficient features or even double glazing. So when you spend on these you don't increase the value proportionately or even at all! This is all wrong but it is as it is. If you want make it your home then you will benefit from all the renovating and insulating and save money in the medium/longer term but don't expect to even break even initially.

Colt bungalows are good and should work out ok. Try not to touch the cladding and insulate from inside. Thinny doubleglazing is still double glazing and if you can keep it do. Go mad with insulation in the roof and go to town with air sealing and consider a whole house ventilation system with heat recovery. Solar panel for hot water etc.

happy house hunting if this one dont work out
Susanposted on 25-05-06
Realistic value of this house in present condition is about 170,000, but against estate agents advice are asking 240,000, so negotiation required. If the double glazing units have failed is it possible to replace the old 3mm ones with the current 16mm type. Surely they will not fit in the frames. Also, as the site is sloping, there is a garage (block built) under the living room and kitchen, in which someone has conveniently used asbestos sheeting for the ceiling. Obviously very expensive to remove, someone suggested covering the ceiling with plasterboard to contain it and forget about it! Not looking to make a prophet on the house as such, but don't want to find ourselves out of pocket should we have to move unexpectedly.
Tonyposted on 25-05-06
Sounds to me like they dont want to sell it.
Jerry Clarkposted on 30-05-06
Hi Susan,
We purchased a run down wooden house about 6 years ago in Wales for 61000 (on a smallholding). It needed practically rebuilding, and i did this myself using local cedar - we superinsulated it and put in woodburning appliances, solar panels etc. total cost for all the materials was 25000.
We had to sell to move back to Cornwall, and was surprised to get 225000 for it - it was only 2 bedrooms, about 800 sq feet (the smallholding helped). i use this to illustrate that wooden houses are saleable - but i would advise getting an expert to find out what needs doing before you buy - you can use the findings to knock the price down.
Dianeposted on 24-10-06
We have found a timber frame bungalow in the north of scotland with cladding on the outside wall.Built in 1972. Not too sure if this is a Colt bungalow. We are having major problems finding an insurance company who are willing to insure the property. Anyone have any ideas or names of insurance companies. Would appreciate any help.

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