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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

PLEASE NOTE: A download link for Volume 1 will be sent to you by email and Volume 2 will be sent to you by post as a book.

Buy individually or both books together. Delivery is free!

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    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2016
    All of that is irrelevant for PHPP unless and until PHI change their requirements. They do not blindly follow standards, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Look at how they deal with TFA for an example, or indeed the whole business of measuring areas for thermal calculations.
    Hi Folks i became withered by this discussion but to add grist to the mill there is an Austrian version making even more remarkable claims. Lupo therm
    3 cm of Lupotherm returns to 98% of the heat back

    R = 10 m².K/W (Lambda = 0,003 W/m.K)

    Lupotherm has 8 bubble insulation layers and 5 reflective layers. Heat must overcome min 13x resistance to heat
    transfer to the insulation layer, but mainly 5x 98% of radiant heat radiation reflect back.

    Good for insulating water tanks or external renovations. In static still conditions , seems ideal to reflect the IR spectrum, insulating abilities seem unbelievable. Currently Used in Holland and Germany. I am considering using it for external renovations in Central Europe, i am aware of the aforementioned mentioned pitfalls Multiple uses .Any comments .
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2024
    I really hope this thread is kept for posterity
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2024
    Steamy, where've you been?
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2024
    <blockquote><cite>Posted By: fostertom</cite>Steamy, where've you been?</blockquote>
    Causing trouble elsewhere.
    Where are you lot going to go when this site is shut down?
    Hello ST good to hear youre still going
    My thoughts too,
    I hear theres talk of porting , whatever that is ?
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