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Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
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    • CommentAuthorcollonach
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2015
    New build double garage, 6m x 6m, with 'Studio/Office' above.
    Rear of garage is cut into steep slope 2.5m bgl at rear, reducing at sides.
    One side is adjacent to site boundary.
    Advice sought on options for construction.

    Garage Structure:
    Opt.A. Block work x 2, cavity filled with concrete, reinforced as per SE.
    External damp membrane. Drainage
    Some PIR to protect, insulate garage level.
    Opt.B.: Durisol ICF, reinforced as per SE, more insulation at upper level
    External damp membrane. Drainage
    Some PIR ditto
    Garage floor: x mm concrete over y mm EPS

    Studio floor:
    Option A: concrete beam, Tetris block, screed, insulation below?
    Option B: Timber joists, mineral wool ins
    Studío walls:
    Option A: single block work, EWI, Parex reinforced polymer screed.
    Option B: timber frame kit, rockwool behind & between studs.
    Roof: cold timber frame, copper clad (or alu-zinc if cost issue), rockwool insulation 300mm U = 0.14
    Windows: 3 on studio South, 1 on studio north. Door on studio west. Door on garage west.

    I tend to favour block construction, as easier for builders to handle.
    I am not sure if I should ignore insulation of garage level, and focus on cocoon of studio.

    I will include provision for future wheelchair lift option within garage, to give disabled access to studio and house behind.

    I would value advice on these options, or suggestions of alternative strategies.
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2015
    Posted By: collonachNew build double garage, 6m x 6m, with 'Studio/Office' above.

    I will include provision for future wheelchair lift option within garage, to give disabled access to studio and house behind.

    I would think blocks rather than timber will make it easier to meet fire regs for accomodation over a garage and for building near a boundary.

    I don't think 6 m x 6 m meets disabled standard for parking bays. I made ours 6.3 m internal to allow for the disabled access between the bays. But I've never tested it! I'd double check you have space for the lift as well.
    • CommentAuthorringi
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2015
    For disabled parking and access to lift, just put 1 car in.
    • CommentAuthorCWatters
    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2015 edited
    Can I suggest you actually park two cars side by side and open the doors just enough so you can get out. Then run a tape underneath to measure how wide you need between walls. We ended up getting our planning permission amended when we discovered we wouldn't be able to open the car door far enough to get out of the car. Our architect was convinced it would be ok but the tape measure doesn't lie. At the time we owned a Ford Focus four door which isn't the widest car in the world.
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