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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    • CommentAuthorgravelld
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2016
    Registered users? They must have a lot of organic traffic, no reason that should cease unless they did something to technically discourage it, robots.txt etc
    • CommentAuthordaiking
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2016 edited
    Anyone know where the Welsh plumber hangs out? Too tight to join here? :bigsmile:
    Got a tiling question. Or there was another tiler wasn't there?
    • CommentAuthorstones
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2016
    'Buildhub.org.uk will be going live at 7 p.m. Tonight'

    • CommentAuthorTriassic
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2016 edited
    It's live now (17:00). But it's a shadow of its former self, will be interesting to see if it takes off....

    You never know the old ebuild might spring back into life.....

    Edit - I got an email because I'd registered an interest and that allowed me to pre-register. So as Stones says, it's 7pm for those of you who didn't register an interest.

    • CommentAuthorcaliwag
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2017
    Still following this with interest. Out of curiosity, does anyone have a contact email address for Dave or an admin bod please? cheers, Jim
    Good to see you post again, Jim.

    Not sure if you want to contact a Dave or other person on Buildhub, here or who owned Ebuild.

    For Buildhub it is either get an account and contact one of these people to ask via PM:

    Or use the general contact page:

    For the owner of Ebuild admin@ebuild.co.uk has a fair chance depending on whether they are still reading domain mail, or there is a mail address on the whois record at nominet.org.uk.

    While I have you can I request permission to repost your Design Guide on Buildhub, as it is always excellent source materials to let self-builders understand what Architects are for and prevent them building houses that are fit only for a monopoly board.

    We try to follow the rules so I have not posted it without permission.

    PS I had a half-day on a tour of his house with Peter Aldington last April - excellent.



    (Edit: Made whisper public since Caliwag replied publicly).
    • CommentAuthorcaliwag
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2017
    Thanks Ferdinand, and thanks for not posting the Design Guide without me knowing. That's the reason for me trying to make contact with Dave or the owners of Ebuild. I have combined the revised (and improved guide) with the many relevant blogs into a promised book which I would like to self publish! (after 10 years of promises) But I understand that there are onerous copyright issues: perhaps pay him/them a fee for permission. Indeed if I gave you permission, would that breach their copyright?

    Interesting you've developed your interest in Peter Aldington,indeed met him..a very underrated architect...the opposite of a starchitect!

    I'll keep you posted re book and thanks for your interest. I didn't know there was a Buildhub until yesterday...must join in, if I'm allowed. Best regards, Jim

    Yep, Buildhub went through its 50,000th posting about a month ago :-). Doing alright. I recommend the Construction Cocktails:

    On the copyright issue, you *should* have no need to contact Ebuild since their stated license is specifically "non-exclusive" and does not prevent you publishing elsewhere. *Unless* you have a specific contract where Ebuild paid you for different rights and these affect your updated version now.

    Copyright Law makes the copyright yours the author not theirs unless there is a contract or agreement to the contrary.

    "If you post or publish content on ebuild.co.uk, including but not limited to content in the form of forum posts, blog entries, articles or user comments, you are granting ebuild.co.uk a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your content in connection with ebuild.co.uk and any associated publications."

    I think I have seen your book on a Timber-Frame company website somewhere as a resource - if they paid you for the original version there may be an issue depending on the specific agreement extending to future versions.

    On the Buildhub permission, it would clearly :-) (!) be a good publicity benefit to make the original version widely available, provided that the proposed paid-for updated version is sufficiently different, as it would act as good marketing for your new one. That is my story anyway. I would be tempted to offer it as a resource if there was a link to the new purchasable one. However, I am only a bog-standard Buildhub member, so I only get to float eccentric ideas and not make decisions on them.

    It is a common tactic in Academe to publish the draft version of an Academic Paper to a free website, then the final one in a journal, in order to prevent the academic publishers maintaining their stranglehold on the dissemination channel for the researcher's content.

    Best of luck.

    • CommentAuthorcaliwag
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2017
    Thanks for your comfort level comments...my email to the Admin site was returned by Microsoft as unknown!, but thanks anyway. I'm amazed you managed to find the design notes on Solo's site...indeed Chris from Solo used to post on Ebuild as Speedster. No, they didn't give me any fee and are keen to use the potential new book...for which I'll gain a fee., I assume by agreement. Solo are a good outfit for which I have respect. I will seriously consider your idea of a set of tasters (I always have new themes and ideas about house design) for the new site...is there a blog aspect?

    Thanks again...all the best, Jim/Jamie
    The forum software is much better than Ebuild, and a number of people - myself included - have copied our old blogs across completely. There are now around 20 blogs, including several new ones. It is now set up as a member-owned setup.

    I think we have done enough detailed chat using the goodwill of GBF, so it is for you to start over on Buildhub if you wish, then decide how to tackle the blog / book etc after a chat with the moderators first. That last is important as currently I do not think there is an established practice.

    PM me over there if you wish.

    Missed one point.

    > I'm amazed you managed to find the design notes on Solo's site.

    It is surpisingly easy, because online search is very very good.

    A search on Jim Comrie Design Notes brings up several versions at the top, including the 2006 one from Scribd, and the 2010 one from Issuu.

    Alternatively, the world wide web is indexed by content, so all you do is put a reasonably sized snippet (say 15-20 words) of any paragraph - preferably one with distinctive words in it - into Google or Bing and there is an excellent chance it will be in the first 5-20 results. Including heads and subheads helps more.

    Since PDFs and other file types are indexed it will quite often find them even after a link is broken.

    • CommentAuthorcaliwag
    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2017
    Fascinating Ferdinand, you know your way round the online world way better than I do. Many thanks for your comments and advice. It's time I joined the Hub! Cheers Jim
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