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Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
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    Hub dynamos are really good now - I've them on both my folding and full size utility bikes. B&M Lumotec front light on one and a Supernova E3 on the other. German lights have to meet their standards which mean a shaped beam so that it doesn't dazzle other road users.

    Not cheap though - the front lights alone are upwards of £50 - but for the convenience of knowing you'll never run out of battery power and and not having to worry about taking them off when parked they're really good.

    Helmets - forgot to say. Most important thing is fit so go somewhere and try them on. if it's just going to push off your head when you hit something it really is a waste of time. Different manufactuers helmets fit differently.
    I'm considering getting a bike for the missus, she would only use it for recreational use. Ride around the park, the odd bike trail nothing serious.

    Probably prefer to buy a better spec second hand one than a heavy new one.

    Any recommended model?

    I have an old GT Aggressor 1 with Judy Rox front suspension, how do I convert this to solid forks? any recommendations? Not a fan of front suspension on the road...
    • CommentAuthorRick_M
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    Before you replace the forks, can the ones you have be adjusted so that they're as stiff as possible?

    Have you got a set of bike tools? I bought a basic set many years for <£50, well worth it.
    They have some type of adustment, but haven't found it makes any difference...

    I have most tools anyway from car DIY jobs

    What tools do you recommend?
    Posted By: VictorianecoI have an old GT Aggressor 1 with Judy Rox front suspension, how do I convert this to solid forks? any recommendations? Not a fan of front suspension on the road...

    Posted By: VictorianecoI have an old GT Aggressor 1 with Judy Rox front suspension, how do I convert this to solid forks? any recommendations? Not a fan of front suspension on the road...

    easy / cheap option - live with it, it can't be that bad
    • CommentAuthorfinnian
    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2017
    There are quite a few tools for bikes for common jobs that you won't find in a standard toolkit. Eg:
    chain breaking/joining tool
    cassette spline tool
    crank removal tool
    chain whip

    Getting a bike specific toolset is actually pretty good advice if you're planning to fix your own bike, since these aren't that expensive.
    For a bike toolkit, they come up in Aldi and perhaps Lidl special buys every spring and autumn.

    For a normal user of a bike, that would be fine.

    Expect to pay perhaps £15-30 ukp for a fairly comprehensive set.

    On board tools like a chainbreaker and spare link are ones you need when you are not going to have a means of rescue available while being too far away to walk.

    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2017
    LiDL have helmets this week. No idea whether they're any good.
    <blockquote><cite>Posted By: djh</cite>LiDL have helmets this week. No idea whether they're any good.</blockquote>

    They'll meet all the relevant standards so if they fit well as good as anything else.
    Picked up a £13 helmet from lidl, a £3.50 pair of gloves, a £5 cycle computer. Helmet is a good fit with the dial at the rear to adjust, also has a led on the rear.

    The £6 lights seemed a bit bulky but tempted to go back considering they have a 3yr warranty. Unless the Claude Butler ones from jejames cycles are better?
    Anyone have any experience with the Lidl lights? I was reading about the Cree T6 XML as a good front light...
    They probably conform to German lighting regs which are more sensible than our own so they'll be bright enough and a sensible shaped beam on the front.

    A few comments elsewhere online -


    https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/Non-Food-Offers.htm?articleId=1792 At £6 you can't go wrong - they claim a 3 year warranty on them as well.

    Buy yourself one of these pumps as well. A proper 'track' pump makes light work of keeping your tyres properly inflated which means easier riding and fewer punctures.
    I think lights and gloves are consumables, so you will work through several while finding what you like.

    For lights I have found the mount quality to be a bit of a determinant.

    For pumps I have ended up after a couple of years with a Mountain Morph (recommended on here iirc), which has a fold-out foot which goes against the ground to give a mini-track pump pumping action.

    I did not have a good experience with cheap gloves , and killed my initial Aldi pair very quickly - I have ended up with buying expensive Sealskinz reduced ones from Sport Pursuit in flash sales (from £60 to about £30) for full gloves (come with sewn in plastic knuckle covers so you can tap people's cars or vans !), and branded Compo-mitts from Halfords for about £20 a time minus the various stackable Halfords offers.

    If you want a horn then a Hornit is nice and loud for waking up drivers, or making them stop and go WTF ?. Perhaps wait a bit for that, though :-), as it is *loud* and also more a siren note than a Honk or a Ding.


    (Sealskin -> Sealskinz. It is a brand not a dead animal, though real sealskin gloves would be great)
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