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    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2017
    Posted By: ringi
    Posted By: djhUsing multiple boxes would mean getting back into the bad old days of balancing calculations

    Not if the ducts to them where oversized so they had no real effect on air flow rates.

    It isn't to do with the size of the ducts, it's the relative resistance of the multiple distribution boxes which depends on how many ducts are plugged into them and what restrictors are fitted.

    Posted By: djhas well as taking yet more space

    That depends on the layout, I expect that for a lot of homes, having separate boxes on each floor may save space as some of the boxes will fit between floor joists.

    For normal two-storey homes, the usual plan is to route all the ducts in the first floor joist space. Under the ground floor or above the first floor are outside the thermal envelope and so not suitable without yet more faff. Plus if the ground floor is a slab - a lot more faff! In MarkyP's case he has a specific place in the eaves that he has in mind.
    MarkyP -

    did you get any further with your design?

    djh -

    earlier in the thread you mention a spreadsheet that helps with calculations for the Ubink system you describe. Where is that? I can't fine it on the Ubink website anywhere.
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2017
    Posted By: lineweightearlier in the thread you mention a spreadsheet that helps with calculations for the Ubink system you describe. Where is that? I can't fine it on the Ubink website anywhere.

    It's used by the suppliers; perhaps it's not publically available?
    • CommentAuthorMarkyP
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2017
    haven't looked at the MVHR for a while, been busy with other bits on the project but I've got as far as sizing and selecting a unit (Vent Axia Senitnel High Flow) and working out flow rates for various rooms, etc. I have decided on the ubbink semi-rigid radial duct work. Next step planned is to contact an ubbink distributor and find out how to get access to this sizing sheet DJH mentioned, so I can get a detailed duct specification and get all the hardware ordered. Like others I couldn't find this sheet online. Not sure when I will get around to it as I'm focussing on other aspects of the project for the time being.
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