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Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
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    • CommentAuthorgoodevans
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2017 edited
    Being on clay I suspect I will find the percolation test will not er... percolate. This being the case it would be normal to attenuate and slowly discharge into the foul.

    If I can make it pay, there is the option of harvesting the rainwater for garden, toilets and maybe the washing machine. Presumably even if I harvest the water I'll still need the same attenuation storage before discharge.

    Tony - if your reading this... I know that you installed a home grown system in your house - but I can't find where I read it from. How are you getting on with it now - has it worked? do you know how much water you use from the system. Do you have a design drawing?
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2017
    Posted By: goodevansslowly discharge into the fowl

    Is that some strange oriental way of cooking chicken?
    • CommentAuthorgoodevans
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2017 edited
    oops edited to prevent distress to birds. Spelling is not my best strength!
    • CommentAuthortony
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2017
    I used a 2800l septic tank, looks like a huge round bottomed flask.

    Works perfect flushes all the WC's and most garden watering, well nice water for cleaning windows too

    It did run out in the first summer but not since, I have a low level ball valve that lets mains in if/when it gets low.

    Best with a catch pit in before the septic. Alll the Warner from all the roofs goes into it, after a month it started smelling unpleasant so added a cup of cider vinegar which sorted it.

    No real design, overflow goes to a soak away well below basement level.
    Posted By: tony I have a low level ball valve that lets mains in if/when it gets low.

    Is that legal even with a double check valve??
    • CommentAuthorgoodevans
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2017 edited
    Thanks tony, what pump did you use?

    I assume a a low level ball valve has the feed well above the maximum water line - is it just that the ball is low and in normal conditions permanently underwater?
    • CommentAuthortony
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2017
    Yes and the valve is well above the overflow, probably not legal though.

    I used a stainless steel submersible pump set 150mm above the bottom of the tank, controlled on a pressure switch, made by Stuart Turner.
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