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Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
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    • CommentAuthorGaryB
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2017
    The U Value calculation isn't correct, I'm afraid. The battens have not been included for within the thermafleece layer, this will increase the overall U Value.
    There is a button for entering this in the bottom menu on BuildDesk U and you can enter the % timber based on the width and spacing of the battens.
    Thanks GB. I'm even more disappointed that I learned about aerogel too late for our annexe renovation :sad:

    Another item added to my 'things to re do' list :confused:
    Project #4. Installation of a modern heating system

    When we moved in, the house had a floor mounted gas boiler, that had no cover and was hidden in the corner of the utility room in the area where two kitchen base units met. It looked quite old and we soon found out that it wasn't very efficient and it didn't work very well. The hot water tank was three floors up, in the loft space and was heated by an immersion heater. The gas boiler wasn't connected to it, but it did have some copper pipework feeding it. I traced these back to the ground floor multifuel stove, but they had been disconnected from the stove.

    We fitted a wall mounted condensing boiler, attached to a 350l heatbank, which was installed in the utility room, close to the new boiler. The cylinder in the loft was removed. We connected the heatbank to the old woodburner (after cleaning out the back boiler) and it worked OK for a while, until water flooded out. The reason it had been originally disconnected was because it leaked :). Oh well.

    Aside from the boiler stove incident, the new heating worked well and we had nice mains pressure, potable, hot water. We removed one of the electric showers and replaced it with one attached to the heatbank. It was a bit overkill having a heatbank just connected to the gas boiler, but the heating system was a bit of a rush job and was always going to be revisited later. Many years later....

    We did finally connect it to a second heat source (solar), but that's another story.
    ''mans pressure hot water''...?
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017
    Posted By: Nick Parsons''mans pressure hot water''...?

    Probably something to do with the leak! I'm told it can be a problem as one gets older ....
    haha, typo corrected! :)
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