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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    I ran across this post from @SimonH from 2008 this morning:

    "I should have also added the three things that make the biggest difference to an EPC are

    A) Cavity Wall insulation (10ish points)
    B) Loft Insulation 5-10ish points.
    c) Fuel +/- 50 points!!! I.e swap from mains gas to peak electric or LPG as your primary heat source and watch your C Rated house EPC drop to F or G. It's because the Score 1-100 is based on £/m2 per year of heating costs. Peak rate electric (or LPG) is over 10p kWh whilst mains gas is 2 and a bit pence.

    Tank insulation thickness & thermostats, trvs and a decent boiler and time controls all make a difference too - so worth installing (for your own benefit as well as for resale). Don't bother with Solar thermal or PV - they add 1 or 2 points. And as daft as it sounds - go 100% on your CFLs and you'll get 2 points - at minimal cost (99p each in ASDA now). It can bring you up to the next band if you are borderline and you can still take them with you when you move ;-) The assessment is only valid on the day it's done.



    What are the factors and impacts now?

    The context is that my Little Brown Bungalow renovation for rental of a 1966 3-bed semi bungalow will be given an EPC value of about 76 in the C band. I have done everything to a good standard, including underfloor insulation of 100mm rockwool + 25mm PIR, but not EWI (so walls are still filled cavity ~= 0.55U) and 2G not 3G. The tenants energy bills are likely to be under £500 per year.

    But I see from Stroma that adding relatively little PV solar would bring it up to a B or even an A, which is a little bizarre.

    Lord only knows! One EPC I saw, for a house with a quite well pre- ins'd dual-rate-elec-heated cylinder (heat was on, and the outside of the insulation felt cool), suggested that additional HWC insulation could save £125 p.a. Yes, there was a hot boss connection, and the pipe ins'n was thin, but the reference is to savings *from insulating the cylinder*. I'd be pretty amazed.
    • CommentAuthorneilu
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2017
    Are you referring to EPC's for existing properties or new builds?
    • CommentAuthorneilu
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2017
    Please ignore my comment above, I didn't read your post fully.
    • CommentAuthorJeff B
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2017
    Replace an oil fired boiler with a wood pellet boiler and watch your EPC rating plummet!

    See previous thread on this subject:

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