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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

PLEASE NOTE: A download link for Volume 1 will be sent to you by email and Volume 2 will be sent to you by post as a book.

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    • CommentAuthorphiledge
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2019
    With a 300 ltr tank youve got a little more than I beleive is specified just for solar thermal DHW. I dont think you will have anywhere near enough storage to do much space heating after a stove burn the night before.

    As I see it where you go now depends on how geared up you are to heat with wood as your primary fuel. If youve got a ready supply thats cheap/free and youve got a couple of seasons dry storage capacity, then Id go for a much bigger tank to use as full thermal store for the next days heating. If you dont have the wood at the right price then go for a gas/oil boiler and use a smaller tank(maybe the one youve got??) as a buffer between solar/stove/boiler
    • CommentAuthorfinny
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2019
    No chance of a small hydro? Wire it straight to your immersions? Available heat 24/7..
    I may hve missed it, but nobody seems to have done the basic calculation of how much useful heat you can store in a 300 litre store.
    If you assume the whole 300 litres is available, and theres a useful heat range of 80 down to 40C, then thats ONLY 14kWh.

    So how much do you need? I can only go by my own heating records - large detached house, reasonably insulated in SE england. I use 100kWh per day in midwinter.

    So I'd humbly suggest your 300litre tank is WAY too small. You just cannot store enough heat in it.
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