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    • CommentAuthorRex
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    What ho one and all,

    During the night, we were awoken by the DECT phone beeping to each other. An investigation revealed that there was no power, further revealed that the g/f RCD (which has 6 individual circuits on it) had tripped.

    Reset and all is is good. This morning, when SWMBO came down, again, no power, and again the same RDC at fault. I have reset, boiled the kettle, radio on, etc, etc. and it is not tripping out.

    Nothing new has been plugged in, to the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed. The most likely culprit, which I have yet to investigate, is the submersible rainwater tank pump (pumps water to the loft tank for toilet flushing.) However, that only comes on 10 mins every two hours, and when I have just tested the override switch, the RCD did not trip.

    How do I find which individual circuit is the problem?

    Thanks and toodle pip

    • CommentAuthortony
    • CommentTime7 days ago edited
    Start unplugging things one at a time, plug freezer and fridge into a different circuit via an extension lead

    Biggest suspects are fridge, freezer, cooker and kettle
    • CommentAuthorRex
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Thanks for your reply.

    Definitely not cooker and unlikely to be the kettle. Cooker was not used yesterday and is always off when not used. Kettle was last used around 21:00 last night but all the kitchen lights were still working then. A few cuppas this morning and nothing has tripped.

    If it had not been for the phone beeping, probably would not have known about the tripping until this morning. However, since resetting twice, all has been hunky dory for the last few hours.

    I will check the submerged pump later.

    May be just a random gremlin!
    • CommentAuthorRex
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Up-date. Think it is the submerged rainwater pump for the loft tank. It just fired up and within 30 seconds, the circuit tripped out. Reset and it tripped out again.

    Now to get the aqualung out!
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Glad you found the problem. For the future, remember that as well as a faulty appliance on one circuit it might be the RCD itself that has gone faulty.
    • CommentAuthorRex
    • CommentTime1 day ago
    A further up-date.

    Having retrieved the pump and taken the back off, found there was a bit of condensation inside (apparently that is normal) dried and replaced, everything was fine - for about three days, when it started to trip the RCD again.

    Called the supplier, and the story is that there is probably a very minor seepage from one of the seals. not sufficient to stop the pump work, but as the pump warms up, it evaporates the few drops, increasing the internal humidity and that sets some kind of electrical feed-back that tells the circuit board, something is not correct and that in turn trips the circuit to protect everything.

    It makes a bit of sense as when the circuit is reset, and later the pump turned on again, the internal humidity will have dropped. The pump runs for around one minute and trips out again. He say, that is what happens.

    So have bought a seal replacement kit, will open her up, dry, clean and replace all the seals. Hopefully, good to go for another 6 years of service. Apart from a replacement capacitor, it has not been serviced during that time, so I guess it is due.
    • CommentTime19 hours ago
    That's good service in my book :bigsmile:

    What pump is it? Who's the supplier?
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