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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    • CommentAuthortychwarel
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2018
    I operate a community owned Hydro electric plant and we are having problems with the control cabinet overheating, the solution we have come up with is to tap into the penstock and run a small amount of water through a motorbike radiator mounted in front of the cooling fan intake of the cabinet. this works well. but I need a simple way of automatically stopping the flow when the cabinet is cool enough, something like a TRV but operating in the opposite direction to normal. anyone know of such a product ?
    • CommentAuthorsam_cat
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2018
    Whats the harm in it being cooler than intended?

    Stop valve (for servicing), and let it be... Keep it simple.
    • CommentAuthortychwarel
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2018
    not really much of a problem, except at low flows it knocks about 2% of production
    • CommentAuthorgyrogear
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2018 edited
    Where is the control cabinet located ?

    If it is outside and in the sun, then perhaps a simple awning might suffice, otherwise a shelter.

    If overheating is from internal power components, perhaps increase the area of air intakes and exhausts, and maybe add a PC fan or two etc. As an example, in switchgear cabinets, data racks etc. a 100 cfm AC fan might be fitted.

    Otherwise, perhaps replace the mobike rad by a complete car airconditioning system (purchase a component kit comprising refrigerant tank, compressor, evaporator, condenser...); in which case the integral control panel will allow setting. You would need to create ducting to send hot air outside for summer use; in winter on the other hand, it could be used for frost-prevention....

    Some recommended reading here :

    • CommentAuthorsam_cat
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2018
    Good plan.

    If using a pc fan or two, get industrial rated ones.. Run them off 12v using a solar panel and a regulator. (if solar heat is the issue)
    • CommentAuthortychwarel
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2018
    Thanks for all the ideas, in the end we settled for a "normally open NO" electrical thermostat in the cabinet wired to a washing machine solenoid valve on the cooling water pipe. flow is off until temp in cabinet reaches 35C when valve opens
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