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Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
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    The title says it all!

    I am working on a community PV scheme. The guidance relating to Permitted Development refers to:

    ''Permitted development

    J. The installation, alteration or replacement of—

    (a) microgeneration solar thermal equipment on a building;

    (b) microgeneration solar PV equipment on a building; or

    (c) other solar PV equipment on the roof of a building,

    other than a dwelling house or a block of flats.''

    ... and draws a distinction between J(b) and J(c):

    ''(2) Class J(c) development is permitted subject to the condition that before beginning the

    development the developer must apply to the local planning authority for a determination as to

    whether the prior approval of the authority will be required as to the design or external appearance

    of the development, in particular the impact of glare on occupiers of neighbouring land, and the

    following sub-paragraphs apply in relation to that application.

    (3) The application must be accompanied by—

    (a) a written description of the proposed development;

    (b) a plan indicating the site and showing the proposed development;

    (c) the developer’s contact address; and

    (d) the developer’s email address if the developer is content to receive communications


    together with any fee required to be paid.

    (4) The local planning authority may refuse an application where, in the opinion of the


    (a) the proposed development does not comply with, or

    (b) the developer has provided insufficient information to enable the authority to establish

    whether the proposed development complies with,

    any conditions, limitations or restrictions specified in Class J applicable to the development in


    It seems to say that PD applies for 'microgeneration' solar thermal, or 'microgeneration' 'PV on a building (this is mainly a non-domestic question - I know PD for domestic allows a small frame-mounted array), but requires an application, payment and determination for 'other' Solar PV.

    What is PV if it isn't microgeneration? What have I missed?!
    • CommentAuthorowlman
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2019
    Perhaps "Microgeneration" in their world is referring to generation for potential profit. Whereas "other solar PV " is simply non grid tied and by implication simply part of the house structure and of no more consequence as roof tiles. They are all generators of course, but it appears they have drawn a distinction between the two.
    I'm just guessing Nick.
    • CommentAuthorskyewright
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2019
    In the wording "microgeneration solar PV" isn't "solar" redundant too (for all practical purposes)?
    • CommentAuthorskyewright
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2019
    Posted By: owlmanPerhaps "Microgeneration" in their world is referring to generation for potential profit. Whereas "other solar PV " is simply non grid tied.

    If by 'for potential profit" you mean FIT, than that isn't limited to grid-tie installs.

    And quite soon there will be no FIT for any new installs, so by that definition wouldn't it make new domestic installs in general 'other'?

    I suspect it's simply that the wording was thought up by someone not familiar with the technology (or correct & appropriate terminology).

    Just guessing, too.
    Thanks, all. Of course I am guessing too, but it seems that they thought it important enough to have a category which *does* require validation (and a payment), and then they have made that category something none of us understands..... Odd.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2019 edited
    Microgeneration is up to 50 kWp of PV. Perhaps/probably 'other solar PV equipment' is more than 50 kWp? And requires more documentation and fees?

    edit: And indeed there's then a further statement that limits the 'other' to 1 MWp. See http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/596/schedule/2/part/14/made
    Ah, thanks djh! I didn't find that definition. Wikipedia doesn't even seem to state a limit.
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