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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    • CommentAuthorYalch
    • CommentTime6 days ago
    I am currently planning to pull up my stone flag floor in a 1890s build house and to keep the floor breathable I am planning on putting down Geocel with a Limecrete screed on top.

    because we are then going to use a Junkers reclaimed gym flooring, I am going to put battens ontop of the screed and then the wood flooring; as this should help vent the screed and keep "breathabiliity".

    There is a joining extension with a suspended timber floor that has now had the wall between the 2 rooms removed and I plan on putting spreader plates in there for the UFH with supasoft insulation beneath.

    My question is, I have 2 options for the limecrete side and am wondering which would be the better option?:

    UFH in the limcrete screed,
    Pros: 1. potentially significantly more effecient?
    Cons: 1. any problems the screed has to be dug up, 2. needs to be run at a different temp to the suspended floor side.

    UFH on spreader plates on the battens ubove the screed
    Pros: 1. Accesible if any issues, 2. Can be run at the same temp as the suspended timber floor side
    Cons: 1. potentially less effecient?

    Thanks for any advice on this.
    I have a similar project coming up with solid and suspended floors, so interested in this. I don't plan to lift the existing subfloors so need a retro fit.

    I was looking at laying these boards over both the solid and suspended floors or something similar https://www.theunderfloorheatingstore.com/prowarm-25mm-floating-floor-panel

    But all new for me so interested to hear what others have done.

    Option 2, could the screed end up colder than the room and so attract condensation, esp when the ufh isn't running?
    Is there anything wrong with the (I assume original) flagstones? The most obviously compatible covering with both the limecrete and underfloor heating.

    Wood over any kind of underfloor heating has always seemed counter productive to me, as has an air gap.
    • CommentAuthorYalch
    • CommentTime8 hours ago
    There's nothing wrong with the original flagstones but, one side will already have the timber so we would like To have a continuous flooring, but also for practicality as stone floor is a much harder fall for kids as opposed to wood floor.

    Would the spreader style heating be a better option as the heat would be that much closer to the wood or like Will said would it cause the limescreed to condensate?

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