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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    Looking to set up a company within the next month to take on some insurance repair work contracts.

    I want to head down the sustainability route for longer term strategy, and deal with all types of maintenence, restoration, improvements and building work.

    Having read up on the subject and knowing the importance of a strong name what are people's suggestions?

    I know integrated services, or solutions has been popular in names recently. But any tips?

    My first thoughts were keep it simple like :
    Alpha Maintenence and Restoration
    Alpha Sustainable Project Management and Surveys
    Alpha Complete Solutions
    Alpha Construction and Maintenance

    Alpha being an example...

    Any tips or naming suggestions?
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2019
    Aardvark comes up before Alpha in lists? :bigsmile: :devil:
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2019
    Or AAA1 Taxis?
    Don't include what you do in your company name as it limits you in future. Call yourself 'alpha project management and surveys limited' for example and later find all the money and interesting work is in surveys, or you start focusing on new builds and you're into renaming.

    Give yourself a fairly neutral but memorable name. Detail what you do in a 'strapline' on your vehicles if you brand them up, and on your website (so you can alter it later).
    Google doesn't return AAA names first - RIP yellow pages!

    Think what term your customers would search for, name yourself that.
    Yes I thought that maybe just a name such as Alpha and then as you say Simon a strapline on vans or a website for further information and keywords.

    Agreed Will, my missus owns a bridal shop that beings with W and she does very well.

    What terms do people most search for then?

    property repairs
    home improvements

    Using the terms advanced and specialist seem common nowaday too.

    The list is endless, maybe I'm just overthinking it!
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2019 edited
    Sorry if I sounded facetious.

    To make your own name a 'brand' is good but takes time. e.g. Ken Biggs Construction is universally known and respected around here.

    You can make your website name into the name (whether or not that includes your own name) you put on your van e.g. in my case www.TomFosterArchitecture.co.uk (not that I have a van) - v effective in e.g. parish mag ads incl the small lineage ads at the back.

    I say 'Talk to Tom to bring your vision closer'
    'Go to Gareth to get your problem gone'
    • CommentAuthorgravelld
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2019
    It's way more important to work out your target market than it is a name. A name is one of the last things to choose. People bleating about the importance of a name sound like the type of people who have never founded a business (but do have some copy to write for a clickbait article).

    > What terms do people most search for then?

    If you sign up for Google Adwords you get access to the "keyword planner" which allows you to enter example searches and it gives (very rough, these days) approximations of the number of people searching. There are also other tools that do the same thing, e.g. ahrefs, seorush etc.

    But then the question is: is your target market searching the Web for solutions? Do those that search convert? It comes back to my first sentence.
    • CommentAuthorgyrogear
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2019
    talking of vans, this is the best one I've seen in a long time...

    • CommentAuthorCWatters
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2019
    "iRepair" ? Probably used already.
    • CommentAuthorgyrogear
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2019 edited
    but begs the question, "what does he repair - lawnmowers, computers, gates, washing machines ?"

    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2019
    If you come up with something you like, keep it quiet, make a shortlist, then once you research with on-line URL hosting organisations, be ready with your wallet immediately.
    Having gone through this a few years ago I'm convinced that bots will be busily informing speculative URL investors about on-line domain enquiries.
    Just because Acme4You.co.uk is available today doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. - Some sod will have seen your interest and bought it up, ready to sell back to you or to someone else.
    • CommentAuthorjms452
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2019
    Plan A building services
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