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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    • CommentAuthorMike1
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2019
    It's also possible to use ethernet-switched lighting, operated from a central controller. Jonathan Oxer has built an interesting Adrino-controlled system, documented on his Superhome website - for example here: https://www.superhouse.tv/25-arduino-home-automation-light-switch-controller/" >

    No doubt commercial alternatives exist.
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2019
    Posted By: Mike1It's also possible to use ethernet-switched lighting, operated from a central controller.

    It appears it's not actually ethernet, just a central switching unit controlled by switches that are cabled using Cat-5 cable. It seems like a great way to add lots of extra cables to get benefits I've never felt the need of. But it is another way to wire a house.
    Socket positioning/5a socket positioning
    - most rooms in most houses have a fairly obvious way of being furnished. At the very least you should or could already have a very good idea of how you're going to furnish the house. Put sockets in the right places...

    - pretty much the only sockets that are regularly in temporary use in our house are for the vacuum cleaner (and that's rare now as have cordless. Think about where you'd want to plug that in. Not many other sockets actually need to be visible.

    - unswitched sockets in some or even most places (singles in hallways). There's no requirement to have a switch (just need to be able to disconnect circuit - pulling plug counts), no other country bothers with switched sockets and white sockets are just that little bit less obtrusive without the switch. (There are very very few items I ever switch off at the socket)

    Stuff that I've installed in houses that's been worthwhile
    - DAB radio aerial distribution. Nice not to have rod aerials sticking up from radios. DAB still a lot more convenient than internet.
    - Ethernet from point of entry to a few key places - 'office/desk', main tv/living room, kitchen tv. Also, best place for wireless acccess point is unlikely to be where you want to stick the router and you may need more than one to cover the house. I'm using small wall mounted, "power over ethernet' access points mounted centrally.
    - 5A lighting sockets in living rooms
    - bedside lightswitch in (master) bedroom
    - movement sensors for lights in places like utility rooms, downstairs toilet, coat cupboards (where lights often get left on if switched)
    - conduit to tv
    - conduit for phone cable entry to router location (fibre to the home is coming pretty quickly now)

    Stuff I've installed that wasn't/mistakes
    - ethernet sockets to every room. It's much harder to get ethernet sockets in the right place.
    - TV/Satellite to every room. We're not far off the day when most TV (and radio) is going to be over the internet.
    - phone sockets. Do you really need a landline phone now? Unlimited minutes on mobile are so cheap (and phone calls on landlines so expensive) why bother. Only reason i now have a landline phone is to check the connection.
    If mobile reception at home is not great then use a provider/phone that supports wifi calling.

    Stuff from comments above that sounds a really good idea
    - neutral to light switches. Works now, flexible for the future.
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2019
    Simon's post just illustrates to me how much of this is simply a matter of opinion. I disagree with almost everything he said, but I don't think he's especially wrong; I just wouldn't do it that way myself.

    I fitted a DAB antenna as well as a TV antenna, but we haven't got around to buying a DAB radio yet. Except the one in the car. Portable FM, or Freeview. Still a good idea to do it though - costs almost nothing when you're building.

    I considered motion sensors on lights indoors but decided against them. I find them generally to be irritating. I can't see myself waving my hands around to try to get the light in the loo to come back on whilst I was sitting on it, for example.

    I don't like different socket types; I just stick to regular 13A everywhere. To my eye, unswitched sockets just look cheap, so I don't have them. And different socket types are just a pain when I change my mind about where I want to plug in a lamp or whatever. Sockets are placed to give flexibility for changing requirements.

    Part R covers fibre entry points now. Annoyingly ugly, IMHO.
    Posted By: djhSimon's post just illustrates to me how much of this is simply a matter of opinion.........................And different socket types are just a pain when I change my mind about where I want to plug in a lamp or whatever.

    I like 5A sockets for lamps because I like lamps to be switched wholesale with a switch by the door. If 13A sockets are used then sooner or later someone will plug in an iron, toaster, fan heater or what ever which may be beyond the capabilities of the switch.
    • CommentAuthorbogal2
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2019
    Avoid PVC cable. Use the white LSOH or LSHF low smoke cable. Less toxic in fire and more environmentally friendly for future disposal.
    • CommentAuthorSimon Still
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2019 edited
    I know "they" said you can never have too many sockets, but they *were* wrong.....

    • CommentAuthorgyrogear
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2019 edited
    quite - wire are there so many - the agent is really going to have to socket to potential buyers...

    There appear to be spotlights mounted in the walls next to each bank of sockets. And in the base of the Velux windows, shining into the sky....
    • CommentAuthorMike1
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2019
    Maybe they're to power all the Christmas decorations?
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