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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    I have been enquiring about land for sale from the local Council to hopefully develop a small office space. I found a small plot that has been empty for years but they didn't seem interested but now have a Zoom meeting with one of the economic development team next week after I mentioned about building a Passivehaus office type development.

    I have no experience in this whatsoever but trying to sell the idea of small modular 'off grid' Office space that could be easily expanded by stacking or similar. There has, this Summer been a recent shipping container development and the Council have a regeneration fund available so hopefully it may be something of interest to them.

    Thinking along the lines of a Walter Segal design or SIPS panel construction etc.

    Can anyone point me to some good links on cheap low cost modular office space that is easily expandable?
    Think pods, solar panels, green roof type buildings
    ''Can anyone point me to some good links...''

    I think I cannot, but I would suggest you think seriously before considering shipping containers. I have seen a couple of situations where they have been used, and they seemed a bit like the wrong answer to the question. Admittedly this was with IWI, but even with EWI, it seems to me that unless you can encapsulate the entire container (including under the base) you are going to have thermal bridging issues.

    Segal-style has the advantage of being very flexible and adaptable (original Segal was not really energy-efficient). I love it! It could be made modular, though there's nothing about the original concept which is inherently modular.
    Yep, I'm not interested in the shipping container idea. I had posted about this a few years back when I was involved (design stage) in this local shipping container project that has been completed this year. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately for me) I was made redundant 2 years back from said company.

    Do you have any links to Segal-Style builds? I'd like to have a few resources available as I'm unsure what questions I'm going to be asked. All I wanted was a small plot of land to put 2 units together to have storage and office space for 4 people....

    The more I think about it though, I really think the area needs some affordable units and perhaps in a community style build it could be built as a community project type affair with say 10 small offices etc.
    Who was it on here who designs such buildings? I'm sure there was someone in here who does it....
    Tish! There's a bloke called Ian White with a good pictorial site which has currently 'exceeded its bandwidth'.

    I don't design them. I have built a few and talk about them a lot! I think Ed Davies has built Segal-style.
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2020 edited
    Many pointers seem to say that post-Covid (i.e. not just during Covid but as a Covid-accelerated permanent trend), 'office blocks' are fast becoming a thing of the past, or at least there will be a glut of existing examples on the market.

    Norman Foster in https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/24/pandemic-accelerate-evolution-cities-covid-19-norman-foster predicts: "The traditional workplace will survive, and be even more appreciated for its social and creative opportunities. But it will be used far more flexibly, and balanced with time spent operating out of home or a third place – an Alpine eyrie or digital Starbucks in the high street."
    which to me means a two-thirds reduction in demand for one-company 'office suites', but if done right might serve the 'digital Starbucks' function.
    Yes, I was thinking of a dynamic environment. Booking system, hot desking type affair

    Ideally I'd like a communal area for new start ups etc. I was thinking a walter segal type building with small businesses chipping in on the actual build etc

    The issue is, the big developers get all the land and the small nobody's never get a look in
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2020
    Buy a rundown something and demolish it?

    In my village, the Young Farmers Club has bought a 1960s pub and converted it into a 'serviced office desks for rent' biz centre.
    Posted By: fostertomIn my village, the Young Farmers Club has bought a 1960s pub and converted it into a 'serviced office desks for rent' biz centre.

    Whilst location is everything - how much of a success is it?
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2020 edited
    Been open about 2yrs; looked good and ongoing before Covid, and looks like they've adapted https://www.devonyfc.co.uk/devon-rural-hub/

    But I see
    makes it look more like suites for several cos incl YFC itself, with hot-desking a bit incidental. You cd give Luscombe Maye a ring, to get an inside story.
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