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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2021
    Hello. It's been a very very long time sine I've been here. Work commitments have cause home improvements to dry up for ages.
    I'm thinking about a "cork on cork" flooring fix.

    Situation is 1970's house, mostly IWI throughout (plus cavity fill).
    Ground floors solid. Most of the area will remain as-is due to existing hard floors, but we have a "snug" of 16M^2 with P/A ratio 0.7 (three external walls all IWI). This abuts an area of the remainder of the ground floor which has 20-25 mm thick reclaimed pitch pine parquet throughout.
    We have removed a 25 year old revolting carpet (not a fan of carpets at all, that was the only bit in the house). Thinking about solutions. I have up to 25mm to play with once I remove ex Marley tile. I could cope with a small slope up, so maybe up to 30mm would be acceptable. Its dry.

    No UFH or plans for, (don't like it anyway and silly idea on solid floor).

    I was considering more of the quite easy to get 25 mm reclaimed pine parquet over a high-tech backing. Looking at Thermablock (10mm aerogel on 3mm stiffener), but the handling, the dust, not to mention the cost of that aerogel material is off putting.

    U value of the floor (concrete) with P/A 0.7 is about 0.77 by BRE method. Parquet will scarcely touch that, but adding many £ worth of 10mm aerogel plus the parquet gets me about 0.35.

    Then I thought about thick cork.. 25mm of cork plus 4mm WPS ply would be approaching the performance of 10mm aerogel+25mm hardwood parquet.
    It looks like I could get from U 0.77 down to about 0.4. There might or might not be further rugs.

    I'm looking at budget EWI grade 20mm cork board (economical, maybe £10 per M^2, perhaps less), with 4mm WPS ply on top and another layer of flooring grade cork tile (say 5mm) on top. There may need to be a fair bit of glue :(
    Two considerations I guess. Ongoing compressibility of the EWI grade cork under the 4mm ply (I feel unlikely a problem in a light loaded domestic, but opinions welcome). Secondly VCL The sealant to the top cork may be adequate, but that seems doubtful to me, I don't want to encourage mould on the concrete sub floor or within the cork at the underside of the lower layer.

    I could of course go isocyanurate or phenolic board but without a fireproof skin (plasterboard) as on the IWI, this makes me a little more uneasy, and I'd be less confident about it's compression characteristics under only a thin plywood layer.
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