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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    • CommentAuthormoogaloo
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2007
    I need to insulate my loft and it need to be to 270 cm or equivelant as I am applying for a grant. The trouble is I want my loft to be a usable storage place and therefore want to board over the insulation.

    I gather that multifoil does not do the business and therefore wondered if there was any other super duper alternative that could be equivelant to 270 cm without being 270cm if you get my meaning?

    One idea I had was can loft boards themselves be made up of an insulating material with something thiner underneather them?
    I thought I spotted some kind of insulating loft board in Focus last time I was in there. You laid it over the ceiling joists then boarded directly over it with chipboard. If you put foam insulation boards between the rafters (presumably 75mm deep) you might make it up to 270mm mineral wool equivalent. You would need to locate the product and find out the U-value and thickness then someone will be able to work it out for you. I would be interested myself as the in-laws have a loft they want insulating and still use for storage.
    Yes my in-laws too.
    "You need more insulation in the loft Dad, not a solar panel"
    "But I won't be able to store all your junk up there."
    4 x 2 across exg joists, 4 x 2 again at right angles, insulate nearly up to top, top off with boards (chipbd if you must...) and Robert is your mother's brother: A raised 'dais'.
    • CommentAuthormoogaloo
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2007 edited
    I have found this stuff, have no idea how pricey, but am wondering about putting the 4*2 across existing joists

    Don't forget to consider how much weight you will be adding to your ceilings. If your house is old it may only have 4x2 ceiling joists which may not be able to withstand the increased weight without sagging [expecially when you put all of your stored stuff on top as well].
    Yes, quite agree, Mike, it depends on overall weight, existence of spine walls, span and so on, but it's worth a look.
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