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    Who is responsible for seeing that the conditions of the Tomlin Order are fulfilled?

    You could talk to the local building control and tell them that the chimney is to be increased in height and who is going to do it (they will know who is a cowboy builder and who is not!) and also tell them that the Order specifies that a suitably qualified expert has to assess the suitability of the chimney but you have not yet seen the report and you are worried that the chimney might topple.
    • CommentAuthortony
    • CommentTime6 days ago
    I would say already a breach of the Tomlin order and this should be recorded in writing and reported to the court.
    • CommentAuthorMikeee5
    • CommentTime6 days ago
    Fantastic idea Peter, a call to Building Control will definitely be on my to do list this week.

    I`ve mentioned the visit by the rogue trader to my solicitor and he has said that the Tomlin Order hasn't even been signed by the other side yet. This makes it even more worrying as the builder said he was due to start in a matter of days!! No sign of any documentation in compliance with CDM regs too, some interesting events ahead me thinks !!
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    Does the rogue trader know he's walking into a minefield of solicitors and courts etc? I'd be surprised if he didn't run a mile as soon as he heard.
    • CommentAuthorMikeee5
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    It's certainly going to be interesting djh. Apparently he's done porridge for ripping people off and leaving unsafe work !!
    • CommentAuthorowlman
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    djh +1
    Assuming your neighbours know about the builders alleged track record, ( if it's true), it intrigues me why they would choose such a person,- ( maybe they don't know, and perhaps you should tell them, for their sake as well as your own.).
    Still following this site.
    I think they chose him deliberately because they don’t ever intend to do the work. Or they can sack him later and thereby delay again. Worst for them would be a competent builder who’d want to crack on with the job and have some integrity about solving the problem.
    Sorry to be negative – real world.
    Price is often a decider on choosing a builder !!
    • CommentAuthorMikeee5
    • CommentTime4 days ago edited
    Update: The agreement has now been signed and is on its way to the court. There are quite a few sections in the agreement that I very much doubt the Rogue Trader could comply with. We've thought about speaking to the neighbours but feel it may backfire on us so we have decided to stick to communicating via the solicitors for the time being. We've contacted a couple of people that have been ripped off by the RT. One of them is an elderly gentleman who the RT charged over £14,000 for tile repairs. The RT also damaged a flat roof during their visit and tried to convince the elderly gentleman that his roof was defective and was going to cost several thousand pounds to replace. Luckily the home owners daughter stepped in at this point. The RT was very aggressive with the lady when she confronted him !!
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