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Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
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    This may belong in the slightly eccentric box, but if we don't think slightly outside the usual...

    I'm looking for a way that permits carpeting of tiled floors without chipping or spray-glueing the tiles - because in a rented situation some people like a solid floor and some like a soft floor. As an LL, my ideal is a porcelain tiled floor over the entire ground floor for durability and minimal maintenance, and because it is more suitable for the 'dog friendly' niche.

    But if it is a bungalow I'd like to do that in the bedrooms as well, which some people don't like.

    My first idea is a wooden strip round the outside - say 50mm or 75mm - that can be replaced should it get ruined by eg grip strips if an unauthorised carpet is put down. What could happen is that someone says that tiled floors are OK because the house is good, then decides they want a carpet. It gets put down, and is a breach of contract but not serious enough to warrant the disturbance on either side of ending a tenancy. If the LL is a complete tartar or brute the Courts would sensibly overrule the claim anyway if it wasn't a no fault eviction.

    My question: has anyone done this, or do we know if there are there any materials that will take carpet gripper tacks and 'self-heal' afterwards?

    There may be a couple of side benefits - the strip could be sized to avoid cutting tiles and could potentially be the top of a service void (if it can be made to work with the floor structure). I can see ways to handle the join neatly.

    • CommentAuthorowlman
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014
    I once did a job for a client where they wanted a "frame" or more correctly geometric "frames" of wood, (oak) into which tiles were laid.
    I suppose you could lay a generous say, 300mm border to suit tile sizing, of timber flooring all round to create the "frame" with your service void under, if required. and then infill with ceramic. For the fitted carpet brigade you could take the carpet up to the inner edge of the wood and finish with a metal carpet/hard floor transition strip. This would leave the polished wood surround still visible.
    • CommentAuthorrhamdu
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2014
    Can't speak for your tenants but how about a large rug over the tiles? Probably cheaper and easier to replace than a fitted carpet if anything happens. And it will protect the tiles from hard, dropped objects.

    If you are worried about unauthorised carpet-fitting you could sound out prospective tenants' preferences, e.g. by offering them a fitted carpet (and showing them the door if they say 'yes please'). You can actually choose your tenants, you know :bigsmile:
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