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Green Building Bible, Fourth Edition
Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
These two books are the perfect starting place to help you get to grips with one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - our homes and living environment.

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    • CommentAuthorRex
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2021
    What ho one and all,

    We have main pressure water, with hot and cold, going through a water softener and of course, the hot stored in a tank. Cold is not stored.

    When we moved in, I commented to our water supplier about the colour of the bath water tot he supplier; they tested and said there was nothing wrong but that the 'blue' is likely to be from the new copper piping.

    Ten years later, the water in the bath is still, generally blueish and after a few baths, leaves a distinct blue 'ring.'

    Both the photos are from my phone so not the best quality, but have not been 'enhanced' whatsoever. Grateful for any suggestions as to the reason and what we can do about it. Whist not a specific problem, it just looks unappealing.
      Bath1 (Medium).jpg
    • CommentAuthorRex
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2021
    Don't know how to add more than one photo to each post?
      Bath2 (Medium).jpg
    We had that with our last house, water from our well came through granite rocks and was quite acidic (though safe to drink). The acidity dissolves copper from pipes and cylinder, which then reacts with soap to precipitate the blue-green colour.

    It's easy to use pH test paper strips to see what the pH is.

    We got a pH correction unit, which is a tank of marble chippings about the size of a subaqua cylinder that the water goes through as it comes into the house. Fixed problem.

    Once a year you tip out the chippings and replace them.

    The water became harder, and I didn't like the taste as much. Our untreated well water tasted fantastic, we told people it was spring water on tap, which it was. :bigsmile:
    Ours is like that, with slightly acid water.
    I hang a bag of lime in the well, and change it when I remember, and another in the cold water tank.
    It makes a slight difference, but not much.

    Things I've tried to remove the stain from the bath enamel are a mixture of bicarbonate and cream of tartar, or citric acid, or acetone.
    Bath stain remover cautions use on enamel, and is useless anyway. I've found using each of the first three in succession to be moderately successful. The best method is gentle rubbing with a soapy cloth after every bath, so it doesn't build up.
    • CommentAuthorRex
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2021
    Thanks for the comments. I have never done an pH test but that may be something to check. This is the bath water before having a bath, so no soap reaction.

    Assuming the water in the DHW tank has a slight tinge, as around half the contents of the bath is cold mains, surely, the colour would be virtually undetectable as it is so diluted?

    Agreed, a gentle rub with the soapy cloth certainly does get rid of it. This is an acrylic bath, not enamel.

    As an aside, I hope you know that tomorrow (Friday) is National Unicorn Day! (https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/41607055) Get ready to gallivant big time.
    I prefer llamas now, unicorns are just a bit 2018 for me.

    I think we had one of these: https://silverlineuk.co.uk/product-category/well-water-treatment-borehole-water-filter-systems/ph-correction-units/
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2021
    Posted By: WillInAberdeenI prefer llamas now, unicorns are just a bit 2018 for me.

    Hmm, alpacas are more trendy and cute, so does that indicate an inner desire for strength or a misspent past with the fruits of Jeff Minter?

    Big in our household - llamas for the next generation. Though I understand Minter wrote some code deep under the bonnet of this.
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