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Green Building Bible, fourth edition (both books)
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    Has anybody used a fan convector radiator -the wall mounted kind you put central heating water through and which blows air through to increase heat transfer?

    Am planning on bigger radiators round the house to improve heatpump CoP. There is a double height hall/stairwell with highish heat demand but not much wall space, so I can't fit a standard convector radiator as big as I would like.

    Interested if anyone found
    a) their fan convector gave as much heat as claimed
    b) how noisy is it (like a fridge? like a bathroom fan?!)
    c) recommended brands
    d) can you use it with the fan off, how much heat comes out naturally?
    I had one once, I've forgotten the make
    The heat output was very dependent upon the temp. of the central heating water - more so than a normal radiator.
    The noise level was about a bathroom fan level
    Very little heat came out without the fan as the heat emitter (finned pipes) was small and relied on forced air from the fan.
    This was about 40 years ago so technology might have move on but then shifting air with a fan will have some noise.
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2021

    Are you aware of Radfan (https://www.radfan.co/).

    I have one deployed on the living-room double-skin rad, flow at ~45C. I think it helps, but I can't support that with data.

    The fan is quiet, but audible.


    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2021
    Extra-high radiator?
    • CommentAuthorjms452
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2021
    Posted By: DamonHDAre you aware of Radfan (https://www.radfan.co/" rel="nofollow" >https://www.radfan.co/).

    I have one deployed on the living-room double-skin rad, flow at ~45C. I think it helps, but I can't support that with data.

    That is a neat idea - I'm surprised they aren't pushing them for use with heat pumps as it should be similar in effect to bigger radiators but with less hassle/expense.
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